St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas

St Nicholas is the local church in our village

It's lovely but quite small so please help the ushers out by squidging up! The service is at 12.30 and we would recommend that guests arrive by 12.15 to ensure that we can seat everyone.

History of the church

There has been a chapel or church here dating back to the 12th century, founded by the Monastery of St Alban. The earliest record is in 1188.

The present church is predominantly 156 years old, having been re-built in 1852, incorporating parts of the medieval church. The 15th century items found within the present building are the south door, the inside wall of the tower, some collar beams in the roof, the lower portions of the octagonal columns in the south aisle and the stone font (which dates from 1460, The most famous god-parent to have stood by it was Charles Dickens, the novelist).

The doorway through which you will enter the Church pierces the Oldest Wall in the building which dates at least from 1188. It is rumoured that the foundations used Roman tiles from Sullionacoea, a buried city in nearby Brockley Hill.

A nice point to note is that the stonework of the South Doorway was restored in memory of Sir Percy and Lady Rita Everett in 1974. They were former occupiers of Schopwick Place.


Confetti can be thrown within the church ground as long as it is bio-degradable