Alex and Tamsin

The Required mug shot

We met (we think) at a Celidh in September 2005 through Doug (the best man). Alex swept Tamsin off her feet (a Celidh is a Scottish dance) and we became friends.

Soon, most weekends the merry band of Doug, Alex, Cat and Tamsin were off walking where Alex got to know the “grumpy-and-no-make-up” side of Tamsin, and Tamsin go to know the “I-don’t-share-water” side of Alex - It was destined to be!! Nine months later after a few crossed wires (and a daisy chain) our friendship turned to something more and really quickly we both knew we had found that something special (even though I got taken to an airshow as part of the seduction!).

We moved in together in Oct 06 and Alex proposed in spring 07.

The engagement

View from The Chop House

View from The Chop House

Alex took Tamsin to the restaurant where they had their first proper date (The Chop House in Butlers Wharf) overlooking Tower Bridge, where outside, over a bottle of vintage Pol Roger, he got down on one knee, it was amazingly special. That night London landmarks had turned off their lights for an hour to raise awareness of climate change and just after Alex proposed Tower Bridge lit back up!! It was fantastic.

That was on 21st June 2007, exactly a year to the day of our wedding.

Love Alex and Tamsin x x x